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What Is Powder Coating?

What is powder coating? Powder coating is a process that involves preparing any new or old surfaces, before the application of primer and the coating, which is then cured using heat. Metal components retain the liquid application of the coatings. This is because the particles composing the coatings are positively charged by the spray gun’s inbuilt coil. These then form electrostatic bonds with the grounded, and therefore negatively charged component. From here, curing with high heat is used to make the chemical reaction proceed, leaving you with a robust solid coating. We can coat any metal you require, get in touch for more information.

Efficiency, Environment, & Quality

Because of the electrostatic phenomena exploited to perform powder coating applications, you are ensured that the object will be completely covered. With the fast curing times also associated with this method, you are guaranteed a quick turnaround, ensuring that you have a quick and efficient process.

These applications have environmental benefits associated with them. Mainly the fact that they do not require the use of solvents like many other mechanically applied resin based compounds. And the fact that the powder can be recycled and reused for successive projects.

Powder coating offers a robust surface that also has great coverage. This offers a great mechanical layer of protection as well as strong resistance to the development of any rust.

Safe Surfaces

We can ensure that the coating matches the specifications of the surface to which it is applied. We can prioritise whatever qualities you require. Whether you require strength, aesthetics, or food safe surfaces, we can help.


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