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Shot Blasting & Powder Coating

Shot Blasting Services

Our shot blasting services will help you prepare any surface for a great application. Shot blasting employs the use of small spherical compounds to remove the surface coating, rust, or fouling upon a given surface. These are applied with great velocity by use of an air compressor system. Shot blasting offers the benefit of randomly travelling objects. This allows for a more effective and even removal of surface rust and coatings when compared with the limitations of achievable angles and reach with abrasive wheels on power tools. This then achieves the effective preparation of complex shaped objects at speed. For more information on our shot blasting services, please get in touch.

Perfect Prep For Powder Coating

Because powder coating depends on the electrostatic charge between the applied coating and the surface itself, a thorough preparation is of high importance. We can achieve such finishes at speed, as well as accuracy for many objects. Shot blasting is the best method for preparing objects for powder coating.

What We Shot Blast

We can help you with small items such as decorative ornaments as well as large items like skips and vehicles. Further to this, while shot blasting is often associated with more durable metals such as steel, we can also shot blast softer metals, including aluminium. With control over the parameters that govern the intensity of the process, we can effectively tune the operation. Suiting the shape and composition of your item.

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