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Powder Coat Services

Our powder coat services offer you the option for a wide range of finishes. The finish on a given surface is determined by many things. Firstly, the makeup of the material will predispose it to receiving certain coatings. Secondly, the intended use that the material will undergo also informs the decision when applying a certain coating. We can offer you advice when undergoing this decision, should your item be kept outside in varying weather conditions, liable to impact, or require a certain visual finish. Get in touch with us to discuss the range of coatings available for you and your item.

Quality & Affordability

Powder coating offers a process that is efficient. Because powder coating has effective and fast processes, the cost associated with time is minimal compared to other application methods. Powder coating also promotes affordability by allowing the applicator to collect any unused powder, and use it on future projects.

The effective use of materials and time allows for a clean and controlled working environment. This helps us to perform precise work. Further to affordability, the concise and thorough finish achieved by powder coating offers protection from mechanical abrasion, impact, and weathering.

Coatings can include epoxy- and polyester-based resins, as well as hybrid solutions.


Because you can opt for a range of finishes, you can choose the best finish for the surface with respect to the environment it will be within. Further to this, electrostatic charges are used to hold the coatings on the item during application, meaning the coverage is guaranteed to remain in place, removing the risks of runs and migration of fluids associated with traditional painting. This means that the finished product is then able to offer the benefits of a quality material that has had great workmanship backing its application.

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